A little bit about Bree:
I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to NYC to pursue a career in the fitness industry with $100 in my bank account. I was fresh out of college and my family had no idea where I was because I knew they wouldn't be 100% behind my decision to stay in America. Lucky to say, I made it! I'd say making it in NYC helped me develop a strong backbone by trying to find my way in this heartless but loving city. So if you need some help developing a strong backbone, LITERALLY... come thru! If for some reason, I wasn't picking weights up and putting them down I'd probably be picking food up instead. I'm a huge foodie, and the weirder the food the better. Give me some chicken feet any day and you have my heart. Give me a pet mini pig and you have my soul. I love animals too :) 

Favorite color(s): All shades of red and green.

Describe your #UltimateSelf:
I'd describe my ultimate self as a strong, compassionate independent woman who isn't afraid to ask for and give help when it's needed; a woman who supports other women and who wants others to find their ultimate self through fitness... and lifting weights. 

Instagram handle:
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