Lindsay wearing our CRACKED Leggings in gold 
Photo by: Valkyrie Photography

A little bit about Caitlyn:
I'm a single mama with a very busy lifestyle, however I still make fitness a priority. My sister introduced me to CrossFit a few years ago and my 1st workout I completed was MURPH........OUCH! Since that workout I have loved working out with a group of people ever since. It became more than just working out at a gym, those people soon became family. I experienced my love for coaching spin classes and my future goal is to own my own spin studio! Working out has taught me how to let everything go and focus on "me".

Favorite color(s):
Teal, yellow, & green.

Describe your #UltimateSelf:
I would describe my ultimate self as a strong woman who won't let her excuses hold her back! I push myself daily and learning each day to go for it. I've held myself back for to many years, and want to help others uplift themselves also to dream BIGGER!

Instagram handle: 
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