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Photo above: Custom shirts for 2 Girls, 2 Bikes, 50 States


“It was incredible to work with Paige during our gym’s rebranding phase. Our logo not only needed a serious face lift, but our brand needed to be clearly defined, and we needed a solid, and consistent apparel line. Paige helped guide us through the complete design process and deliver a beautiful end product and branding package for our gym’s expansion. She was responsive, thoughtful, creative with her vision, and took an active role with making our concepts a reality. We couldn’t be more thankful to Paige for bringing our brand, and ultimately our gym, to the next level. Working with Paige was a breeze, and we look forward to continue working with her in the future!”

-Janessa, CrossFit Pallas

Thirteen Fit Apparel/Thirteen Underground came into my life at a perfect time when in major need of change for my team! Paige and I met at a CrossFit competition and I knew based off our 30 min convo she was what I was looking for! Together we’ve created multiple designs for our cycling team events, our climb and muck teams as well. Paige also worked on the custom logo and design for the 2girls2bikes journey and we couldn’t be more proud of the look!  Paige has talent like I’ve never seen before, creative and full of heart. My mom also worked with Paige on a design for my uncle’s 75th birthday, where everyone wore a shirt with the awesome design, which now has also been printed and hangs in a frame in his house! 
For any custom work I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Paige and Thirteen Fit Apparel/Thirteen Underground”
- Rachael, 2 Girls 2 Bikes 50 States
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