A little bit about Julia:
My love for fitness began during my years as a competitive gymnast and as a member of the women’s rugby team at Clarkson University. Being part of such a tight knit and disciplined community fueled my desire to work with athletes of different populations, inspiring them to become better, improve, and achieve their goals. Through CrossFit, I have found a way to push myself and those around me both mentally and physically in a supportive and fun environment. I currently hold my Level 1 CrossFit Certification and work as the Operations Manager at Smokey Hollow CrossFit in Baldwinsville, NY. I’ve also been fortunate enough to compete in CrossFit competitively at events like Wodapalooza in Miami, FL and the Filthy150 in Dublin, Ireland! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to motivate others and implement healthy and rewarding lifestyle changes while also improving myself.

Favorite color(s):
Tiffany Blue (but I really just like a lot of lighter blue/green and purple)

Describe your #UltimateSelf:
I would describe my Ultimate Self as something that’s currently a work in progress, trying to become a little better every day in all aspects of my life. By using a positive attitude and mindset, I aspire to help others inch closer to their goals through both commitment and perseverance. Training is my passion and I want to share this with anyone who will listen. There is nothing more fulfilling than pushing yourself to new limits and watching those around you flourish and improve.

Photo by RXd Photography

Instagram handle: @jkamide23
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