Lindsay wearing our CRACKED Leggings in gold 
Photo by: Valkyrie Photography

A little bit about Lindsay:
I was born and raised in Ocala, Florida and have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half. I have always had an enthusiasm for sports and fitness. Through my years I have played softball, volleyball, and ridden horses. It wasn’t until March of 2018 that I found my passion for CrossFit. I was introduced to my box, CrossFit Iron Legion, as a 17-year-old craving something new and exciting in my life. I was taken in as a newbie, taught the do’s and don’ts, and learned the ways of CrossFit. My wish for all people is to find their healthy lifestyle and with that they find happiness, just like I did.

Favorite color(s):
ALL! I love wearing red though

Describe your #UltimateSelf:
I love encouraging athletes. I love making people feel positive and channeling their inner strength.

Instagram handle:
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