Morit hangin' in our CRACKED Leggings + UNBOUND Tank

A little bit about Morit:
I'm a NSCA and RKC level 1 and 2 certified trainer who has been defying industry standards since 2007 with an all-inclusive fitness approach. I believe in fitness for everyone and wants all people - regardless of their ethnicity, size, and skill level - to feel welcome in any fitness environment. This belief and determination led to the opening my own all-inclusive gym, Form Fitness, home of Morit Summers Personal Training.

As Morit likes to say, "be like a graceful rhino."

Favorite color(s):
 Black, lol (all colors except orange and yellow)

Describe your #UltimateSelf:
It's being the best version of me, constantly working on growing and being a person that I believe in, a person that I trust, and a person that I'm proud to be.

Instagram handle: @moritsummers

Our Collabs:
Read about Morit's INSPIRING journey here - we are super proud to have worked with her on this campaign and excited to continue sharing her story!

Morit is the co-owner of Form Fitness Brooklyn - we love partnering with other brands and decided to do a collab apparel line for her gym: FORM by Thirteen Fit Apparel (currently sold exclusively at Form Fitness). We combined both of our brand missions - inclusivity meets strength from the inside out - to design our "Strength in all Forms" tanks, tees, and hoodies.

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