It all started when I texted my sister, “Hey, I need a blog name.” At that moment, I was heading down the stairs to the e60th Flywheel Stadium Cycling studio to teach my 5:30pm class. Because the studio is basement level, I lost service for the time I was down there. When I came back above ground to head home, I received a bunch of rapid-fire texts from Meghan (my sister, previously mentioned), one being a sarcastic comment on how I wasn’t responding promptly enough…

so in response I said, “sorry, I was underground.”
and Meghan said, “Thirteen Underground.”
then I was like, “Oh my gawd, I’m obsessed.”

Concept: Thirteen Underground is here to keep you up to date on what’s happening here at Studio Thirteen (ironically on the 5th floor of the building). Underground is really just behind-the-scenes, in a different direction. And doesn’t it just sound cool? Underground. New York City. Taking the subway. Graffiti. It’s gritty, New York-y, and it’s a little bit sexy.

The idea is to share with whoever will listen (or in this case, read) what this company is all about, from concepts to final products. Here, I want to tell you about collaborations, events, custom projects and inspiration—the stuff that I can’t really jam into an Instagram post or website page.

Being a designer and fitness professional, sometimes I get confused (for lack of a better word) on which to love more; what’s great is that Thirteen Fit Apparel allows me to feed both passions without fear of neglecting one or the other; THIS is where I get to tell you about ALL OF IT.

Up next: a breakdown of the inspiration, concept, mood and development of THIRTEEN UNDERGROUND and it’s branding [insert party emoji].

‘til then,

Paige Festa

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