Thirteen Fit Apparel is a community for those brave and curious souls who see life a little differently; as a journey where every day is an opportunity to grow both your physical and mental health.

That growth however requires vulnerability, community and above all else, connection! At Thirteen Fit Apparel we know when one person shares their stories, struggles, and lessons we all become stronger and less alone.
Whether it’s how to train, grow muscle, combat anxiety, or navigate self doubt we all carry wisdom that can uplift another human in this world, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

During your journey Thirteen Fit is committed to outfitting each and every one of you to become your best and strongest self through quality, affordable, and uplifting gear. Each of our collections are inspired by life’s deepest lessons, from hardship, to play, to finding light when the world feels dark. 

Our community and our apparel is here to remind you that you are not alone and that we are ALL learning every day from ourselves and one another. We are a place where kindred spirits can explore these questions and uplift each other along the way.

So if you’re one of the brave and curious ones… this is your place! Your place to tell your story, learn from others, and become your #ultimateself in the gym, in the world, and in your own skin.


I opened up in our Thirteen Journeys campaign to share with you WHY Thirteen Fit Apparel exists and why I feel so strongly about creating apparel with a purpose. If ya wanna know more about it, click here!


Owner & Designer

 Working with Thirteen Fit Apparel should be a positive + connected experience from beginning to end whether you are purchasing a new tee for the gym or creating a custom design. We work hard to deliver quality product, unique design, and a memorable and positive experience. For inquiries, feedback, and friendly conversation email us at info@thirteenfitapparel.com 
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