Built on the concept that reaching your #UltimateSelf(TM) requires equal parts physical and mental strength: Thirteen Fit Apparel. 

By definition, “luck” is:
good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of
chance rather 
than through one's own actions.

We challenge that. In reality, luck starts as just an idea, a concept dreamt up by its believer, thought to bring success by chance; whether it is a lucky charm, ritual – or lucky number [see what we did there?] …its holder so heartily believes in said “luck” that it manifests into reality. [THIRTEEN]

The ability to steer your life with a resilient mentality and positive energy is just half of what we stand for. With a powerful mind, we can build a powerful body. Challenge, test and reach your limits only to exceed them by pairing said strong mind with the ability to push your physical self -- and vice versa. [FIT]

Coming with a history of both design and fitness, Thirteen Fit Apparel is focused on delivering unique, intentional, and design-driven apparel with the care and quality you need in the pursuit of your ultimate self. [APPAREL]

Each tee includes a label with a word, assigned at random--an element of your mind and of your body, that together build your Ultimate Self. Your element will be shown on the exterior of your tee but on the inside is a reminder that these elements are one part mental, one part physical; "from the inside - out."

POWER [ˈpou(ə)r], noun: the ability to do or act, to produce an effect; to direct or influence. 

STABILITY [stəˈbilədē], noun: the strength to stand or endure, to be firm or steady.

STRENGTH  [streNG(K)TH], noun: the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force; the state of being strong.
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