What I love about CUSTOM is that it's our opportunity to explore design outside of our brand identity and CONCEPT, AND it's a chance to make something meaningful for our clients.

Meet Hamutal and Amy. Hamutal was the bride-to-be (now, officially off the market!) and Amy is her new sister-in-law. We had the PLEEASSSUREEE of working with these ladies (though it was actually a secret/surprise for Hamutal) to create two designs in two mediums for the same event!

1. Bachelorette party shirts: worn by the bride and her party
2. Bachelorette party vinyl decals: applied to water bottles for the ladies at the party


Let's start with the shirt design! When Amy approached me to work on the design, she had a general concept figured out. The whole wedding theme was hippie-chic with metallic e'rrrthing. She sent over a bunch of inspiration: different designs with fonts she liked, color stories, design elements, shirt silhouettes, etc... the idea was to create a piece that would be wearable after the wedding, not something SO wedding specific that it limited the girls on when they could wear it after the party. We landed on a design centered around a Hamsa.

According to

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The hamsa hand has a wide variety of different spellings which includes hamesh, hamsa, chamsa, and khamsa.

Obviously, we weren't going to find some generic design and slap it on a shirt--we had to personalize it! So, here's the design we landed on... then I'll show you all the parts that make it unique for the lady of the hour.



Let's start at the top... pretty straight forward, we did two hearts merging in the center #marriage

We wanted to include things that would be really personal and unique to their wedding. The wedding was on 8/20 so we abstracted the date and made it into a design detail (it only worked for the left side; the other side is a mirror image). See it?

Amy made it clear how important all the girls were to Hamutal and because this was the bachelorette party, we wanted to include them all! I actually learned a lot about these chicks without ever meeting them! As you can see, there are "chains" with little "gems" hanging from them on the bottom portion of the Hamsa. Each one has one of the girls' initials.

The flower in the center--you can't really miss it. Well, that's the same flower that was on their flower crowns (hippie-chic, remember?) that they wore for the party! The flower is surrounded by a triangle, as I was told Hamutal loves the shape. AND FINALLY, you'll see Hamutal's new initials in each corner of the triangle (HGL).

We ended with two versions: black with gold for the bridal party and white with gold for the bride! Here's the finished design + some photos of the ladies lookin' fiiiiiine.



I'll keep this portion to the point. We made decals.

Because placing decals on something like a water bottle can be delicate, we had to minimize the design so it could withstand being handled and washed. The final artwork ended on being the "Good Vibe Tribe" part of the shirt design + a decorative border. And here it is:

A big THANK YOU to Amy for working with me on this project and for always sending photo updates! It's always soooooo exxciting to see custom work to come to life!

'Til next time,


Interested in getting yo' custom on? Email us at WE. LOVE. CUSTOM.

Paige Festa

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