I think one important thing 2020 has taught us is that even in the bad, there can be good.

It's been a challenging year - mentally, physically, financially - for all of us. The awesome thing about this year has been watching people and businesses adapt, find opportunities, create new things, and shine positivity.

Sylvia in our LIGHT Side Slit Tank

And that my friends is exactly what The LIGHT Collection is inspired by.

Finding light in the dark. Finding positive in the negative.

I sat on this concept for a long time... the idea started to whisper to me back in March. But I wasn't ready to act on it. Then in September, it started SCREAMING at me and now here we are!

I knew I wanted the colors to be inspired by light so we introduced yellow which I'm sure you know is well out of our comfort zone. I wanted to use gradients to illustrate light. And to challenge myself further, I wanted to make sure there was NO black in the entire collection. Nailed it.

Yellow and white gradients. Green and yellow gradients. Yellow shirts. Grey shirts. All inspired by light and shadows.

To take it a step further, this collection is a fall/winter collection - the time of year when the sun sets early and somehow, we have to find the motivation to keep moving even though our minds and bodies want to hibernate. Imagine the sun setting and light peaking through the fall leaves - THAT'S the vibe.

Jason in our LIGHT Tee, Cement

So, I thought bringing back our "Move More Worry Less" theme from The ADVENTURE Collection was a perfect fit!

This collection is calming. When I look at these photos, they feel peaceful. It's a change of pace for us - we are usually about the hustle, the grind, the sweat, the excitement, the adventure. This collection is about finding peace, finding positivity, finding happiness in a time that's, well.... shitty.

Thank you to Rebecca Brookstein Photography for capturing this collection so perfectly, and to Jason and Sylvia for rockin' this shoot.

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. Goodbye 2020.
Sending you *light*


Paige Festa

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