Hey all! This month on the blog, we are highlighting our MOSAIC design - this is our best seller fo' sho' so I want to share with you the meaning behind the design.

MOSAIC Cap Sleeve Crop worn by Julia

A common question: "what's with the rhino?" I've always been super inspired by nature so when I was looking for a symbol to represent strength, power, and stability, the rhino stood out to me. What I love about rhinos is that by nature, they are docile but when they are agitated, they are a powerful force. You don't f* with a rhino; they aren't aggressive, only when it's necessary. I dig that.

Our MOSAIC Flowy Tank

The MOSAIC design is a part our Thirteen Journeys collection (which we launched a few years back) - all about self-reflection and owning your journey to your #ultimateself. Our rhino, symbolic of strength, power, and stability, is made up of cracked pieces coming together as a whole (get it, mosaic?). We believe in celebrating our cracks in the journey because they only make us stronger; we may have cracks but we are not broken.

So there ya have it - a little concept for your Sunday.


Paige Festa

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