This month, I had the PLEASURE of sitting down with Meghan Murray-Cox, the co-owner of Burgundy Fox and Group Fitness Instructor. We spoke about the importance of sex positivity and how two seemingly unrelated industries actually overlap - and now, I'm sharing our conversation with you!

Thirteen Fit Apparel: Tell us about yourself - who you are, what you do!

Meghan Murray-Cox: I am a Partner and Co-Owner of Burgundy Fox. We are a brand on a mission to empower body, mind, and sex confidence in women though lingerie, toys, and conversation. I met my partner, Leslie, in a career that feels like a lifetime ago! It wasn’t long before I jumped at the opportunity to join Burgundy Fox. At BF I run our marketing, social media, I curate/style our subscription boxes, and manage and merchandise our e-comm. We are a team of two - we do it all from answering emails to packing and shipping boxes out of my NYC apartment! 

I am also a Group Fitness instructor at Equinox and a Personal Trainer to a few clients. I have been passionate about fitness my whole life and joining the scene - where I met you!!! PS: you were (still are) a MAJOR inspiration to me! I knew right when I met you that we were so aligned: from teaching style to passions (fashion and fitness!) I have been in the fitness scene for about 6, maybe 7, years - wow! Seems so long ago writing that, ha. 

If I had a tinder profile (or whatever the kids are using these days LOL) I am also Vegan, biggest fan of my niece and nephew, fitness fanatic, lingerie lover, and I love outdoors - I actually do: from small town MA but I really, really love my city: NYC! 

TFA: Let's talk about BF, what is it and what is your mission?

MMC: In a way our message is very simple: to inspire mind, body and sex confidence through lingerie. I believe there’s a “fox” inside us all: a confident and courageous woman. The sometimes tricky part is really helping a woman to fully understand that her power lies within her unique traits, personality, and body. If all bodies were celebrated, we’d realize the permission to love ourselves. At Burgundy Fox we reimagined the shopping experience from beginning to end into one that’d inspire that permission and turn lingerie shopping into a fun, easy, and empowering celebration of self.

The power of lingerie is amazing. It is part of how you start your day. It might sound silly to some but, that moment when you are getting dressed for the day and you put on this amazing set whether it is classic or sexy - like a little secret you are holding onto all day - this is empowering, how cool is that?! That is the feeling we hope you will carry with you all day - and into date night!

In addition, we want to offer intimates and toys for ALL bodies regardless of shape and size. At Burgundy Fox we offer a very unique experience with our curated boxes that will allow us, based on your Style Profile, to curate lingerie specific to you and that will make you feel unstoppable. We not only love helping you find items you feel amazing in, but sharing content that lets you dream big and live large. 

TFA: Why do you think being sex positive is so important?

MMC: First of all, being confident and positive in your mind and your body absolutely includes your sexuality and sexual desires. A woman who feels ashamed of their sexuality breaks my heart, sexuality is an incredible thing. There is so much beauty and freedom in embracing your sexuality.

A sexually empowered woman owns her deep desires and devotes time to working on herself so that she can enjoy a deeply loving relationship with herself first and then with others. Feeling free to express your own sexual interests, feeling comfortable in your own body, feeling confident, saying yes - and no - and prioritizing yourself, that is what is so important. 

Women need to, in every single way, realize their worth and potential - we are all unique and incredible. Especially in a society that is constantly criticizing, judging and in the face of a male dominated environment, this is so important. Having confidence, feeling empowered in your mind, body, and sex is a form of self-care. Specifically, the act of having sex has so many benefits - many you might never think of: stress relief, curb anxiety, make your relationship better (with your partner or yourself), you’ll be happier, improve your level of fitness (which we will get to  more later), lower blood pressure, increase your sense of smell, decrease risk of heart disease, improves your connection, it makes you glow - really the list goes on!! 

I find it so frustrating that we still live in a world in which talking about, dare I say S-E-X is most often considered “taboo talk” and I want to break the mold. Because you know what: women want to talk about sex, and why shouldn’t we be able to? Let’s normalize sex talk, and that is exactly what we are going to do. Stay tuned for some new exciting rollouts on BF ;) Finally, I think it is important to note that sexual empowerment is a life-long work-in-progress, a way of being that flows, changes and grows with time and life experience.

TFA: As fit pro AND having a company that embraces sexuality, how do you see those two industries overlapping?

MMC: In everything that I do from fitness to Burgundy Fox my mission remains the same: to empower people, women. I know you can relate to this, Paige, but how amazing do you feel after a great workout? Whether it is 5 minutes or 60 minutes - I want my clients to leave feeling confident, strong and like a boss!! So in the same way that fitness provides this strong sense of self, this can also come from embracing your sexuality: being confident in your body, your desire, your pleasure. Alone or with a partner - the feelings, the mental and the actual chemistry are the same from fitness and sex.

You know the happy hormones? Serotonin dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that promote positive, mood-boosting feelings and things like pleasure and happiness, we get these from both sex and fitness. And on that note, sex improving your fitness fun fact: a sweaty sex session can burn some serious calories and improve overall physical fitness. If you’ve been meaning to hit the gym, now is a great time to start a regular workout regimen. Studies show that frequent exercise leads to enhanced sexual performance.

So yes, I do find very much that these “industries” overlap. Strength, power, mindset, confidence, happiness!!

Follow along with Meghan, Burgundy Fox, and their mission:


Paige Festa

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