A couple months back I met with a customer-turned-friend, Morit, over coffee (obviously, gotta stay caffeinated). We were going back and forth about our stories... where we came from, what our goals are, what we are doing now, etc... Morit suggested I share my journey. I've never been opposed to sharing my story because it's what makes me who I am and it's why the brand is what it is but since I started the company, I never wanted things to be all about me. That's not what WE are about. 

Morit + I, onset with Jocelyn Bold Photography@jocelynboldphotography

I was out walking to teach my Flywheel class on the Upper West Side and the idea struck me. I always have my best ideas when I'm walking to class; maybe it's because my mind is allowed to wander and be free, I don't know. So, this idea, Thirteen Journeys, arrived and I immediately texted Morit, "I KNOW HOW I WANT TO SHARE MY STORY!"

The whole concept was to gather 12 other people to share their journeys with me... for a total of 13 stories, duh! Immediately, ideas of who to ask were flooding my mind and when I'm inspired, I act pretty quickly. I started reaching out to friends and met some new friends along the way.

My badass friend, Shirel + I post-shoot

We speak about our concept and our purpose a lot and this was our chance to make our concept more relatable. Of course, I love our concept but this is our WHY. Why do we talk so much about the mind and body, strength, power and stability, ultimate self? This was our opportunity to dig deeper, connect with you on a more relatable platform. We all have a story; I think everyone's story is significant and can speak to or inspire others in some way or another.

The more I pour myself into this brand and my work outside of Thirteen, the more I'm realizing that all I want to do is help people. This is my chance to make the brand more than just cool tees; I want it to be a brand that somehow can make you FEEL something... empowered, strong, able, excited when you put a shirt on. It's more than getting dressed. It's getting your lifestyle set up for success. 

Thirteen Fit Apparel is about a lifestyle. Sure, the "fit" in our name would make you think maybe we are only a fitness brand but we are much more than that. These stories aren't just about lifting weights and getting fit. These stories are about what brought us into fitness, they're about what kept us committed to fitness and self-love, they're about the relentless pursuit of Ultimate Self, they're about the uniqueness of everyone's journey.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to introduce you to some inspiring AF friends who I couldn't be more grateful for. Not only for their willingness to participate in this adventure but for being authentic and vulnerable. It's not always easy to speak about the past but it sure is empowering.

Of course, we weren't going to launch a whole campaign without new apparel!! We have new shirts coming out **pre-orders are being taken** by shopping the website; stock will be in this month for shipping!

Own your journey. Outfit your journey. We are Thirteen Journeys.


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