At the end of June, we made our way over to Asbury Park, NJ for the Asbury Park Summer Games 2018. Going to events like this is always exciting--it's an amazing opportunity to meet people rather than just interacting via our website or social media.


I'm giving the Asbury Park Summer Games 5 stars, two thumbs up, a 10/10 rating. It was phenomenal. The energy in the Asbury Park Convention Hall was absolutely insane. From the moment we set up to the moment we packed up, it was non-stop.

Photo by RX Images | @rximagesphoto

Being a graphic design n' all, I was crazzzzy drawn to their branding and I will give credit where credit is due. Everything felt so cohesive and energetic. The colors, the logo, the apparel... even the lighting in the event space matched their branding vibe. It was really inspiring both as a designer and an athlete to be at this event. Watching athletes compete always gets me fired up but also seeing successful graphic design gets my creative juices flowing.

This was truly one of the best events we've attended. The best part was the level of connection I felt with all of the athletes at the Asbury Park Summer Games. The feeling of being able to spread our message to people is something I can't put into words--but to then SEE our shirts and our message splattered all over the Convention Hall was completely insane.

Everywhere I looked there were girls n' guys working out in the shirts, changing into the shirts post-workout, teams buying shirts to match each other, athletes wearing the shirts on the podium... THIRTEEN EVERYWHERE!

Two of my new favorite athletes sporting our 13U MAZE Crops... and coming in FIRST PLACE!
Photo by RX Images | @rximagesphoto


And now, I must give you the deets on our custom shirts we did! I worked with my friends Christina, Brenna, and Michelle on a competition tee for their team which we opened up to members at our gym to order, too. Because they were representing Concrete Jungle Strength + Conditioning, we decided to carry on the tradition of our gorilla mascot we've put on competition tees for the last few years. 

The first time we used this guy/girl (not assuming its gender), it was for a competition called "Hail to the Queen" so we accessorized them with a crown.

The second time around, we used them for "Flex on the Beach 2017" so we put them in a beach setting with graffiti-punk-inspired-design meets retro-beach-vibes to tie in the city feeling (because, Concrete Jungle) and the beach. And obviously, we HAD to accessorize so Ray-Ban sunnies for the win.

THIS YEAR: the Asbury Park Summer Games 2018 (#APGames) was at the Asbury Park Convention Hall which is right on the beach. Again, total beach vibes.

I was more inspired by the concept of Concrete Jungle--mixing a skyline with tropical elements. It's cool because it's like a crossover between a literal representation of a concrete jungle but also ties in with the beach.

I wanted to blend two styles together to make it more dynamic. Typically, I design with clean lines and minimal shapes so I wanted to keep that but added in some more texture with the sand and with, you guessed it, our gorilla friend! Again, on the beach but he/she needed an updated accessory so this year, aviators! What a bad ass.

We added a little color and voila!

Interested in custom tee shirts for your team, event or gym? That's cool, we are, too! Shoot me an email at and let's start the conversation.


The photos above from the event were taken by my newest photog friend, Matt of RX Images. I love meeting people at events who share the same passion for fitness as I do! I was so drawn to his photos because I felt like he was able to translate the energy and excitement of the event into a some really incredible images.

Photo by RX Images | @rximagesphoto

When I asked him to send me over some stuff about him, he said this and I just loved it:

Being a Cross-fitter myself it has inspired me to capture both motion and emotion in a raw and natural state. I strive to capture these moments that happen in a matter of seconds to share with the masses.


Photo by RX Images | @rximagesphoto

Matt is a photographer + content creator located in Queens NYC specializing in Fitness, CrossFit, Portraits and Events.

Check him outttt

Instagram @rximagesphoto 

Til next time,


* All images courtesy of Photo by RX Images | @rximagesphoto

Paige Festa

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