EXCITED IS NOT A POWERFUL ENOUGH WORD BUT I'm so excited to announce (though you may have seen our teasers on social media) our next B I G project. 

Something I've been really focused on is our intention, our purpose, our WHY. Every design, every project, every campaign is about more than just clothes. Of course, I think fashion and style are important in self-expression, culture, history,  etc... but I'm more interested in the intention behind it all.

When I decided to take the brand from being graphic tanks and tees to being something more, it was because I felt that it was possible to spread our message further. How? LEGWEAR, BABY!

Jess Epstein Photography | @thejesspage

Thirteen Fit Apparel head-to-almost-toe (no socks yet!).

What does that mean? That means we have the opportunity to outfit you in more than shirts. It's our chance to spread our message of power, strength, stability and love of the journey, #UltimateSelf. Of course, our apparel isn't going to physically or mentally give you those things but my hope is that it gives you the support, confidence, empowerment, acceptance and love you need to feel those things for yourself.

It's all about this journey--always working towards our Ultimate Self while living in a temporary state of it. The destination is the journey.

ANYWAYS... leggings and joggers! They're coming! First on the agenda, women's leggings (this autumn!) to be followed by women's joggers and men's joggers.

Jess Epstein Photography | @thejesspage

Developing these leggings/joggers has been something of a journey itself. We've been working for months to bring you the best quality and the most intentional design... and I'm beyond excited to show you!

I think it would be easy to just be like, "hey we made leggings, they're on the website!" but I like to be transparent. This has been a huge step for the company; it has been both exhilarating and scary.

Why? This is the first time we've 100% created something from scratch. Up until now, we've worked with vendors to print our designs on shirts. Now, we have designed everything--from the fit, to the fabric, to the prints, to the trimming... e'rrrthang!

Like most, I'm very picky about my leggings... Does the waistband fit? Do I feel secure? Can I see through them when I squat? Do I need to keep pulling my leggings up or adjusting them? Are they flattering?

Well, I'll tell you. The waistband is high and secure. The fabric is compression and passes the squat test. The length hits just above the ankle so it's elongating, flattering and can be worn as more than a workout legging. The prints are subtle but bold. The branding, design, and silhouette don't scream fitness; they scream 'I like to look good and feel strong when I workout but also errands, brunch, work and whatever else I wanna do!'

*insert seamless transition (pun intended... because our leggings have no out-seam which is very flattering) to Jess Epstein Photography intro*


I'd like to introduce you to Jess--the extremely talented woman behind the camera, capturing this moment before we launch. I'd like to say this represents the calm before the storm... but I think it's more like the eye of the storm.

After the intensity of development, it's all about waiting for production to roll in. So here I am, waiting, wearing my samples everywhere I go because I am truly obsessed.

Til next time,


Paige Festa

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