It has its ups and downs, just like anything else in life.

It's not a perfect life but I also wouldn't choose anything different. Making my own schedule is amazing - but it takes dedication. Being my own boss rules - but it takes self-motivation. Being a *boss bitch* is awesome - but it takes consistency, the willingness to continue learning, and being ok with making mistakes.

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I started the company on a whim. One day it was just a random idea, the next day I was filling out an application for the LLC. It's been a non-stop learning process. Each step of the way, I have to learn something new or learn from a mistake. But I'm ok with that because I love learning and self-betterment is part of my daily practice. I love challenges, I thrive in chaos, and creating--whether it's a design, a new strategy, or a new project--is what I live for.

Some days, I wake up excited and ready thinking, "TODAY IS GOING TO BE MY BITCH." Other days, waking up is nearly impossible and I feel like a big fat loser.

Being a small business is hard. Every sale counts. Every custom client counts. Every review counts. Every website visit counts. Every follow counts. Every dollar in and out counts... and that shit ain't easy. It's stressful, often overwhelming, and some days, just really discouraging.

As a female entrepreneur, I'd say I've been lucky with my experience. I've worked with so many kinds of people and have generally been treated with respect. *that said, I've definitely worked in an environment where the "boys club" ran the show and treated us ladies much differently so I know what that feels like and I'm very proud to say that there's no boys club in my company!

BUT (and this could be an insecurity or imposter syndrome or whatever) sometimes I do feel looked down on by men in my industry. I don't want to define myself in one specific way, I am a lot of things, but one of those things is spazzy. I certainly have quirks, I know that about myself, I own it. I think sometimes my quirks and my kindness are mistaken for weakness or stupidity.

I make a lot of business decisions based on purpose, feeling, and intuition. I've never had a woman question my decision making but I've had men outwardly question me and disagree with the way I do things because of my decision making strategies. Although it's likely not intentional, it makes me feel cornered and dumb when that happens. And hey, maybe they're right. But also - maybe they're not. I really don't know. It's pretty frustrating to run a business and have a man tell you that you care too much about X or Y or Z.

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When I'm doubting myself or feeling like I've failed, it makes me feel like those who have questioned me are right. But here's the thing: I am who I am. I care A LOT about A LOT of things. I'd probably say I'm emotional to a fault but I'm also not sorry for that. I'm not sorry that I spend a little extra money on every shirt I make in order to inject my purpose into each one. I'm not sorry that profit isn't always my priority, that sometimes making people feel good or empowered is. I'm not sorry that my goals are so big that I can see beyond the profit or loss of each project knowing that my bigger purpose isn't solely about dollars and cents - that it's about the message. And you know what? I have no doubt that I will succeed because I care way too much to fail.

Being a female entrepreneur is empowering. Meeting other female entrepreneurs is even more empowering. And being a part of a network of many female entrepreneurs who are making history is an absolute f*cking honor.

So, yea. Being a female entrepreneur has its ups and downs but I'm here, I'm doing it, and I wouldn't change it for the world.


Paige Festa

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