I am next level excited to share our latest endeavor with you - a podcast!


I hate to be cliché (because who hasn't started a post with this line) but... it's been a trying year. I've had a lot of time to think and reflect on my goals as a business owner. Back in December, I was on a call with my marketing manager; we were discussing how things were going, how I was feeling, and where we wanted to take the brand.

I told her I'd been feeling like I wanted more connection so we started to put more focus on our *beautiful* community. You may have seen our #communityfeatures where we highlight our clients, customers, and fit-pro community members by showcasing their connections to the brand and sharing fit-pros workouts with you. (it has been SO FUN getting to know everyone better). 

This is only the start.

Since our phone call in December, I've had this nagging feeling in my gut that we can do more - I just didn't know what to do. I want to see Thirteen Fit Apparel grow to be bigger than apparel... apparel PLUS community. PLUS culture. PLUS a place to learn and grow and share and experience together.

A few weeks ago, I was on a bike ride letting my thoughts go. I was listening to a podcast (I love listening to podcasts when I ride) and the idea hit me. The next thing would be a podcast with the intention of expanding our platform - to be able to fulfill our mission and purpose in a new way.

I'm not an expert in anything but I love to learn and I'm dedicated to being better. Everything we've done, from our mission to designs to campaigns, has been essentially built around the things I've learned along my journey that I want to share with others... not because I'm an expert or know it all but because I love to share and I KNOW there are people who can relate. I think that sharing encourages others to share, too - which opens up conversation, a dialogue so we can all learn from each other. And so we don't have to go through things alone.

On the journey to our #ultimateself, learning is crucial; so I want to personally invite you to listen and learn as we speak to professionals in fitness, wellness, and mental health.

Enter: MOVE MORE WORRY LESS, the podcast.

Our first episode is live - stay tuned for some amazing topics and guests!!!


Paige Festa

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