This summer, after living in New York City for eleven years, I left my "safe space" in to give my mind and body some freedom and explore Alaska with my sister. It was one of the best things I've ever done for myself; living in NYC, it's easy to fall into the trap of the hustle - which isn't necessarily bad - but it's overrated. #NoDaysOff is a bad mental space to be in and being over worked, exhausted, and burnt out isn't a cute look, in my opinion.

As soon as I stepped my foot off the plane and onto The Last Frontier, it was like a weight was lifted. The day after I landed, we went on our first adventure: a 6 hour trip down to Valdez, AK to camp, hike, and kayak through icebergs. It was hard to believe that everything I was seeing was real - like, holy gorgeous. The colors were bright and crisp. The air felt clean and refreshing. There's nothing like being surrounded by nature. Like, really surrounded.

On the first day, we did a wildlife cruise and on that first day, I was already inspired to create something new. Seeing new things and having mental freedom, the creativity started to flow.

The ship we were on was called The Valdez Spirit and the colors that surrounded us gave me the color palette for this new collection: neutrals, shades of green, and blue - with a pop of orange.

I mean, isn't this just so gorgeous?

From here, I started to build out the concept. I knew the vibe I wanted - outdoorsy-ish - but as you know, I like to jam pack our collections with meaning. 

Back in May, I co-hosted a pop-up shop with Yummiewear and we had our friends from the Movemeant Foundation join us. The foundation was asking our guests what advice they would give their younger, perhaps less secure, selves. We wrote it out on note cards and posted them on the wall.

For me, I wrote down: Move more, worry less.

Now, back to Alaska - so while I was adventuring and building business up north, this sentiment came back to me. Move more, worry less. I couldn't help but think it connected perfectly to the new collection concept.

Me in our MOVE MORE WORRY LESS Crop in blue (comes in dust and green, too!)

We speak so much about this journey to our #ultimateself and because I've always been so focused on the "hustle," I never really realized that there's more to becoming your best than working hard.

The Adventure Collection is about the other side of the journey: risks. balance. fun. freedom. excitement. adventure.


We'll be launching this collection piece by piece starting with our Move More, Worry Less Crops and Tees TODAY. In production, we have a design inspired by the ship, Valdez Spirit, and we're calling it Spirit of New York (because once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker). And I've teased about it - so don't worry, it's happening - Thirteen Pup Apparel is on it's way, too!

My sister, Meghan, showing off our Spirit of New York tee

So much to look forward to. I'm wildly proud of this collection... I really hope you love it as much as I do.

'Til next time,

Paige Festa

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