So, I'm still way too excited about the Adventure Collection so here we go - blog post #2 about it! *I encourage you to read (or skim because I get it, we are an impatient generation) to the bottom for a opportunity to get a discount.*

Over the past few months, I've made some pretty substantial changes in my life... quitting my job as an indoor cycling instructor, leaving my apartment, moving out of NYC, spending 2 months in Alaska, taking a road trip from New York to Nashville, TN, to Tampa, FL... I haven't stopped moving and although it's been scary, it's been so much fun and business has been GROWING.

I really want to embrace what this collection stands for and that's why I've been slowly releasing new styles; I'm stretching out the adventure!

We speak so much about this journey to our #ultimateself and because I've always been so focused on the "hustle," I never really realized that there's more to becoming your best than working hard.

The Adventure Collection is about the other side of the journey: risks. balance. fun. freedom. excitement. adventure.

We started with our MOVE MORE WORRY LESS Crops and Tees which I'm like, majorly obsessed with. 

Unisex/Men's MMWL Tee

Then, a few weeks ago we launched our MOVE MORE WORRY LESS Dad Hats.

Unisex MMWL Dad Hat, forest green
*also comes in navy!*

I started teasing about *possibly* doing Thirteen Pup Apparel... and it's happening. We are currently in production for dog bandannas (they come in a small size and a large!). Yes, I'm calling it "pup apparel" BUT I don't want to exclude any other animals that might fit into our bandannas so you can call it "cat apparel" or "bunny apparel," if you'd like - it's unispecies. THE POINT IS: your animal can match you! How cute?!


I want to launch our SPIRIT OF NEW YORK Tanks and Tees - and thinking about doing a hoody, too.


Ladies' SPIRIT OF NEW YORK Tank, Blue

Ladies' SPIRIT OF NEW YORK Tank, Grey

But here's the deal: I can launch whatever I want but that doesn't matter. What matters is what YOU want.

So help me out, fill out this survey below and if you leave your email address for me to contact you, I'll send you a discount code! $5 off of anything in the Adventure Collection ;)

'Til next time,

Paige Festa

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