Your second dosage of #Thirteen101: The ELEMENTS.

A few months ago, I posted about the 'Thirteen' of Thirteen Fit Apparel, why it's our name and how it ties into our brand concept. Today, I want to dive a little deeper into our message.

You may (or may not have) seen on our site, our OG design: The ELEMENTS Tee. This was one of our two original designs we launched when the website went live. So why did I call it ELEMENTS when it's a graphic of a rhino + some words?

Photo by Rebecca Brookstein Photography

Our overarching theme is Ultimate Self. We believe that achieving your Ultimate Self requires equal parts mental and physical *things* ...we call those things ELEMENTS. We have three ELEMENTS: Strength, Power, and Stability. It's all about mental AND physical strength, mental AND physical power, mental AND physical stability. 

So, going back to our OG shirt, The ELEMENTS Tee, this is a symbolic design for everything we stand for. I've always been extremely inspired by nature and animals, so when I was working on the brand concept and doing research, I came across information on animal symbology. The rhino was the perfect fit for what we believe in. There's no doubt the rhinos have all the ELEMENTS we stand for and what I like SO much about rhinos is that they are a docile creature by nature... but can become extremely aggressive if agitated or prompted. I just love that quality.

Photo by Rebecca Brookstein Photography

Taking this all one step further, we took our concept and directly (and I guess, literally) applied it to our tanks and tees. Each piece includes a label with one of the ELEMENTS. Either strength, power, or stability is seen on the exterior of your piece but when you flip it to the inside, it reads "from the inside - out," as a reminder that it's mental and physical. The hem labels are assigned at random so you don't know which one you're going to get--it's exciting, right?! 

Photo by Stephanie Garrido Photography

Photo by Rebecca Brookstein Photography

I'm going to be sharing a lot more about our concept in the coming weeks (teaser: look out for our Thirteen Journeys campaign... CAN'T WAIT) to apply everything I'm talking about to real stories, including my own. Without going into too much detail, this concept is really personal to me. When I got into fitness, I was mentally pretty weak and definitely physically weak. The stronger I become physically, the stronger I became mentally. And the stronger I become mentally, the stronger my body became. It's a cool thing. ANYWAYS, that's a story for later so stay tuned!

'Til next time,



Paige Festa

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