Yummiewear + Thirteen Fit Apparel LIVE

Yummiewear + Thirteen Fit Apparel LIVE

I literally can't believe it's already happening! We (us and my girls at Yummiewear) are getting ready to open our doors this Saturday and Sunday down in TriBeCa.

For our first pop-up back in December, we asked our guests to take selfies in our dressing room and write a love note to themselves to post on the walls. This time around, we are really excited to have been able to expand on our pop-up's mission. 

My amazing friend Rebecca of Rebecca Brookstein Photography (you've probably seen me tag her in a lot of our photos because she's our go-to photo gal) will be there to capture images of our guests celebrating their *summer* bodies.

"I strive to create imagery that not only records a moment of time, but allows my subject to see themselves as they should, as the world should: brave, beautiful, capable, accomplished. My goal as a photographer is to  reflect what is on the inside as much as what is on the outside; each woman is beautiful no matter size shape color or season. That no matter what time of year it is your body should be celebrated in whatever form that is. All bodies are summer bodies."

Furthermoreeee, not only are we donating a portion of the proceeds to the Movemeant Foundation, but they will actually be there with us spreading their mission, too!



It's going to be an awesome weekend of shopping, sipping, and interacting with our partners. Come in, contribute to Movemeant by shopping and participating in their campaign, and leave with an insta-ready photo by RB Photo! #LOVETHEWAYYOULOOK

Here's the official rundown:

Let's do it again!

Join junk food themed apparel brand Yummiewear and fitness apparel brand Thirteen Fit Apparel at their 2nd pop-up shop in TriBeCa NYC on May 18th and 19th!

Shop the Yummiewear and Thirteen Fit Apparel collections while you sip on champagne and participate in interactive projects created in collaboration with Rebecca Brookstein Photography and the Movemeant Foundation

Pop Up Event Overview

Photography Project by Rebecca Brookstein

During the event, we will be celebrating summer with a special "All Bodies are Summer Bodies" photography project by Rebecca Brookstein Photography where we'll be capturing and instantly sharing photos of all of our guests. This means you will walk away with a professional ready-to-use digital shot!

Movemeant Foundation Campaign

We have also teamed up with the Movemeant Foundation to spread their body positivity mission. Plus, a portion of each sale will be donated to the Movemeant Foundation to further support their amazing mission and efforts. 

Gift Bag + RSVP Info

Don't wait and RSVP today! The first 50 people to RSVP  and check in at the event, will take home a gift bag loaded with goodies from our sponsors (listed below)!  

Please check in with either Michaela (Yummiewear) or Paige (Thirteen Fit Apparel) to claim your RSVP goodie bag. 




Paige Festa

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