Our IRIDESCENT Collection has been launched for a while now but I feel like I never gave you a proper introduction, so here we go. I figured now might be a good time to give you the behind-the-scenes (or underground) scoop.

It all started when I happened across this microscopic photo of the element bismuth. How freaking beautiful, right? I fell in love with the iridescent colors and the stair-like structure.

Microscopic Photos of the Periodic Table of Elements

What I love about iridescent colors is that they appear different at different angles. You can look from one side and see purple and move to the other side and see blue - just from shifting your perspective, you see the color in a new light.

I love this idea and how it translates into the journey of our #ultimateself. For me, the deeper I get into my journey, the more I like to self-reflect and see myself from different points of view to then make the necessary adjustments to better myself. I used to be pretty stubborn and once I saw something in one way, nothing would change my mind. Now, I've learned to see and to understand myself and others from different perspectives. I think it's made me a better person not only for myself but to those around me.

The stair-like structure of the bismuth zoomed in really intrigued me - and I later found myself in a Pinterest black hole searching images of spiral staircases... and just about anything spiral. I wanted to incorporate this idea because it also plays to our theme. Staircases are a perfect symbol for the journey. We are all out here just climbin'.

I took our logo, applied the spiral inspiration, threw in the iridescent colors and BAM, this happened:

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'Til next time,

Paige Festa


Paige Festa

I love learning about the meaning behind your designs! You kick butt girl!

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