HOLY. CRAP. 4 years ago TODAY we went live with our website. I feel grateful, #BLESSED, anxious, nostalgic, and excited about what 2020 holds for us.

I've shared our story before but if you're new to our community, first of all welcome and second, here's the scoop.

I'll give you the super duper short version: growing up, I was NOT athletic or fit. I was an artsy kid. Sometimes I think my creative and emotional mind is what caused me to struggle so deeply with depression, anxiety, and the relationship I had with my body for most of my life. I didn't cope in a healthy way and seemingly had no way out - until I found fitness in 2011. Seeing my body change and feeling that I was becoming physically strong, I realized that I was becoming stronger mentally and more resilient. I quit leaning on my unhealthy coping mechanisms and went full-force into fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Fast forward to 2015: I started Thirteen Fit on a whim with no real plan. I was working in luxury fashion and had recently broke my way into the fitness industry teaching indoor cycling. I was tired of seeing cheesy shirts at the gym and wanted to bring something fresh into the fitness world. I was doing some freelance graphic design work on the side so I had some experience in that department. One day, after speaking with a really good friend of mine, I decided to just GO.

With $420 and no f*ing clue what I was doing, I dove in head first. The day after I decided to go for it, I created the name and logo. With a few months, I had all the pieces ready and all I had to do was hit "publish" on the website. And I knew something had to be right because all of my ideas were just coming together - the name, the concept, our mission, our purpose, the designs. It was organic and it gave me energy!

This company is my baby. I absolutely love what I do - I love the people I meet, the events I get to attend, and being able to live out my dream. I never thought I'd be a business owner, I didn't have the desire. But when I realized this vision, it changed everything. I'm a creative soul and I needed an outlet - but I also needed a way to fulfill my purpose: empowering others.

Some days I'm scared and unsure. Honestly, that's how I feel a lot of the time especially after quitting my other job to do this full-time. But other days I feel excited, inspired, hopeful, and full of joy.

I'm really proud of these last 4 years - and this past year was a biggie. I left my "safety blanket" job, after 11 years in NYC I moved out to build business and refresh, we started our brand athlete program, we've been to more events, made amazing relationships, have collaborated with other incredible people - the list goes on.

I cannot wait to see what happens this year. The biggest thing on the agenda right now is Wodapalooza; this will be the BIGGEST event we've ever done. I'm scared out of my mind but I'm ready. It's time to really crank things up so you can expect big things from us!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey - and thank you for letting be a part of YOURS.

2020. Are you ready?


Paige Festa

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