I write this as I lay in my bed, surrounded by boxes of leggings. One year ago (almost to the day), I reached out to the factory who produced our first EVER run of leggings!

I am so proud of our new product and there is no word to describe how I feel about launching this project. Excited, thrilled, ecstatic... none of these are strong enough. ALL THE FEELINGS.


The LOGO Legging

This one is pretty straight forward. I wanted to do something that could be simple, classic and be a staple in our collection. The ankle detail is our XIII logo flipped sideways and wrapped around.


The 13NY Legging

You may recognize this print; I wanted to carry over a familiar style to legging (because honestly, I love matchy-matchy things! Like, these leggings with the 13NY HIS+HERS Hoody? YES PLEASE.) I love our "Thirteen New York" print because it's really symbolic of opportunity (if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere) and where we started this journey.


The CRACKED Legging

Here's where it gets a little more artsy. In previous design concepts (like the MOSAIC Crops + Tees), I talk about how sometimes we crack but we are never broken. It's all a part of the journey--none of our journeys are seamless but in those cracks, that's where we get stronger; that's where we can become more self aware; that's where we shift to a newer version of our #UltimateSelf. So let's highlight those cracks because even though they may have hurt or been difficult at the time, there's beauty in those moments.

Alright, Paige... but what makes these leggings so damn great besides design?! I'll tell you!


  • High waisted: because feeling secure is important. It also helps keep your pants up and I'm pretty sure none of us like when our pants fall down.
  • Compression fabric: again, security. Right?
  • Shaped waistband: the waistband is designed to hold you in all the right places but also accentuate your curves (that ass tho).
  • Inseam gusset: that's our little insert in between the legs to keep the pants from riding up a little too far, ya know what I mean?
  • 7/8 length: this is flattering length as it elongates the body but still gives you a little breathing room. For our taller friends, it allows the flexibility for them to come closer to a capri length instead of coming up too short and for our more petite friends, it gives you the room for a pant length that can easily be hemmed...or not.
  • True to size: if you usually wear a medium then you guessed it, you'll be a medium.
  • Single leg prints: all of our prints are one-legged because we aren't too concerned with fitting in with the norm. We make our own rules.

THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING THIS EXCITING MOMENT! If you get your hands on some of this kick-butt leggings, we'd love to see them in action! Post it, tag us--you know!

IG @thirteenfitapparel
FB /thirteenfitapparel


'Til next time,


Paige Festa

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